We were once Warriors : We fought and died for this land....and our Freedom

As We Think: Redefining the struggle for young people.......


I believe that people who fight the struggle of their life and gladly take the existential challenge upon themselves really want a better life. The meaning of their life is obvious — they know what they want and fight to reach their goal.

In reality it might be put as simply as that. Life is about being aware of what you want, to know your innermost dreams, to know the opportunities around you, which means to know the world you are living in, and to have the values that make it possible to unite your dreams with the opportunities that reality presents
In this way, life is about building a bridge between the deep existence and the world around us. The meaning of life is to create a connection between our inner depths and the outer world. It is about finding the dreams and all the hidden potentials and fighting to bring them out. 

This is the idea of quality of life as life self-realization