Success is never owned. It is rented and the rent is due every day!”

To keep going takes ambition, guts, resilience, and fortitude, but anyone can cultivate these qualities in themselves and climb up the ladder to success. Self-motivation and hard work drive your success. I’ve done it. Others have done it.


One of my favorite sayings is “Success is never owned. It is rented and the rent is due every day!”

Every day you must prove yourself in one way or another, reaching for your goals until you have them. Every morning you have two choices: you can continue to sleep with your dreams, or you can wake up and chase them. Every day you have to renew your desire to succeed.

There is no secret to obtaining success. Success means working hard every day and making the necessary sacrifices to accomplish often-challenging goals. It means doing today what others won’t do so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t.

Everybody has a goal, and while you can’t do everything (some people can’t sing or draw or downhill ski) most of your dreams, like finding a job you love and making a living doing it— are realistic goals that you can attain. I believe you can do what you set your mind out to do.

And I believe you should have goals so big that you are uncomfortable telling your friends about them


These are the lessons that have helped me make it to the top three percent and stay there.
You can do it, too. Remember: Focus, stop procrastinating, embrace failure, don’t complain, and never—ever—give up.

“Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.” — Mark Twain

If you’ve not yet taken the time to chart a course for your dreams, you must begin this process now. It will be the most important reality check you’ll ever make.

You and you alone hold the keys, tools, and passion you’ll need to create your own success.
Everything you need to become number one lies within you. I certainly don’t mean to imply it will be easy. In fact, I guarantee it won’t be easy. I do, however, promise you it will be worth it.

Let’s get started. It’s time to pay the rent

Greatest Thoughts from Daniel Milstein the CEO and founder of the Gold Star Family of Companies and author and shares his other strategies for success in his new book Rule #1 Don’t Be #2: You Get What You Work For, Not What You Wish For.